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Enhance your demand planning using quantitative solutions through highly customizable products.

Value Proposal

  • Boost S&OP / IBP process integrating our proprietary tools

  • Enhance existing systems
    such as SAP APO

  • Train the planning team
    on quantitative demand forecasting

Forecastia Ecosystem is a suscription-based solution

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  • Improve
    your Forecast Accuracy

    A Machine Learning Engine capable of understanding the complex relationships within the forecasting variables and yielding significantly better results than traditional methods

    • Automated Forecasting

      Use multiple input variables and our expertise to create a fully automated forecasting process customized for your data.

    • Machine Learning Algorithms

      Uses Machine Learning algorithms to provide the best possible forecast.

  • Manage your
    S&OP / IBP Process

    Companion is the tool to go along the Demand Planner throughout the entire process.

    • Visualization

      Its ability to navigate through different data aggregation levels. Taking into account multiple variables (e.g. sell-out, market values, stocks, etc.)

    • Time Reduction

      File preparation, in-meeting adjustments and disaggregations (splits); fully automated to reduce unnecessary efforts.

    • Data Consolidation

      Consolidating data into one source. Changes to the forecast at any level and events are tagged and stored for future reference. No more “what was this spike about”?

    • Process Monitoring

      Log of changes enables the proper monitoring of the process health; measuring how value is being added (or not) throughout the process.

  • Take
    data-driven decisions

    Seamlessly generate multiple scenarios with quantitative and objective recommendations for measuring event impact during the S&OP Process.

    • Baseline Modification

      Offer quantitative and objective recommendations for modifying a forecast baseline using additional data

    • Event Modeling

      Add intelligence to your plan. Quantify the S&OP experience through event modeling.

    • Different Scenarios

      Add the capability to simulate different scenarios live during your S&OP / IBP meetings.

  • Our 4-day training module designed to provide quantitative skills and advanced concepts in Demand Forecasting to use on any existing System

    • Statistical Forecast

      Learn how and when to use the different statistical models in order to improve your baseline.

    • Process Monitoring

      Different to Reporting, Monitoring is critical to understand where and how to continue improving the forecasting process

    • Forecast Intelligence

      How to develop causal models? How do I clean my data? Promotions and price impacts? Innovations? At what aggregation level should I perform the forecast? How do I keep on improving my forecasting process?

    • Hands-on Experience

      The training module comes with a forecasting competition, plenty of customizable case studies and an Application Project to generate actual impact to your business

  • Forecastia know-how at your disposal through a premium ad-hoc service.

    • System Tuning

      Get the best out of your existing system

    • Model Calibration

      What are the best model / parameters to use for your specific data context? Time series and causal model optimization to get the best value out of the current system.

    • Aggregation Level Definition

      SKU-level forecasts or Brand-level? Monthly or weekly? Every company may have a different answer, Forecastia will find yours.

    • Ad-hoc Tool Development

      Did not find the solution you were looking for? We will build it!

    • Cleaner

      Forecastia proprietary data cleansing algorithms integrated with your current system in order to get a cleaner & better input for the forecasting models.

    • Analyzer

      Automatically choose the most suitable model for each series. The tool also helps the DP understand the rationale behind the choice and monitors the performance.


The following companies have trusted in our solutions as expert and added actual value in their business enviroment

  • Unilever


    Predictor Engine implemented as FaaS (Forecast as a Service). 20-30% improvement over SAP APO output.


    Mentor training with more than 100 participants so far. "Excellent balance of theoretical concepts and practice".


    Expert service with APO Optimization. Tuning, complementing tools, analysis bringing better precision and lower operational costs.


    Predictor Proof of Concept with excellent quantitative results vs. the competition.

  • YPF

    Expert service with S&OP reconfiguration and setup of SAS Forecast Studio. Development of causal models with industry-specific behaviors. KPI setup. Mentor training module.

  • Natura

    Mentor training (10 participants) and Expert service with the development of ad-hoc tools such as Cleaner (automatically cleanses data for a better forecast) and Innovator (automatically brings information and quick calculations for the new product estimation process).

  • Pernord Ricard


    Companion module. Increase in accuracy, process simplification and automation, increased data capabilities.

  • Walmart

    Simulator module to instantly evaluate the impact on price changes and optimize the promotion levels. (+30 Forecast Accuracy points when price changes occur).

  • Mead Johnson

    Expert service with the development of an ad-hoc tool to improve accuracy through the use of sell-out (+20% FA) and reduce the complexity of the process (replace the multiple Excel files)

  • Sab Miller

    Mentor training module for demand planning team.

  • Diageo

    Mentor training module for demand planning and marketing teams.

  • Kellogs

    Mentor training module for demand planning team


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